Auditions will be Friday, September 11th After School

Google Drive Folder with all Tracks (can be downloaded)

Home Arr. Bryan Sharpe

PLEASE READ: What we are looking for in your audition: Strength of voice, tone quality, pitch, dynamics, range, confidence, emotion, and “stage presence”. We are also looking to put together a group with a good balance of voices that will blend together. Please understand that if you do not make it, there are many factors that go into choosing people for an a cappella group.


-Adapted from Hilliard Bradley and Nordonia High Schools' A Cappella Audition Packets

Sheet Music

Audition Packet

All auditionees should prepare:


 *1 pop solo (1 verse & chorus)

   - a cappella, choose something       that showcases your voice

*Lead of Home (1 verse & chorus)

*1 Chosen Part of Home


If auditioning for Vocal Percussion:


*Either lead or 1 part of Home 

*VP for Home to do along with "all parts" track

*Pop solo (optional)

*VP for pop solo (optional)

If you have a special skill (rapping, scat singing, imitating instruments, etc), you can show that off, too!