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Auditions will be Wed, Aug 30th or Thurs, Aug 31st During/After School. See Ms Evans or the list in the music room to sign up
Can audition before school, 1st, 5th, or 8th period or after school
If you will be absent/unavailable email Ms. Evans to set up a time

Google Drive Folder with all Tracks (can be downloaded)

Price Tag
Arr. Bryan Sharpe

PLEASE READ: What we are looking for in your audition: Preparedness, strength of voice, tone quality, pitch, dynamics, range, confidence, emotion, and “stage presence”. We are also looking to put together a group with a good balance of voices that will blend together. Please understand that if you do not make it, there are many factors that go into choosing people for an a cappella group.
-Adapted from Hilliard Bradley and Nordonia High Schools' A Cappella Audition Packets

Sheet Music

Audition Packet

All auditionees should prepare:
 *1 pop solo (1 verse & chorus)
   - a cappella, choose something       that showcases your voice
*Lead of Price Tag (1 verse & chorus) up to m. 20
*1 Chosen Part of Price Tag up to m. 20
If auditioning for Vocal Percussion:
*Either lead or 1 part of Price Tag
*VP for Price Tag to do along with "all parts" track
*Pop solo (optional)
*VP for pop solo (optional)

If you have a special skill (rapping, scat singing, imitating instruments, etc), you can show that off, too!

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